Keeping up with Counter-Strike

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Fnatic go the British route

With the addition of ALEX and mezii, Fnatic has added some British spice to their previously Swedish roster. The move marked the end of a tumultuous summer for Fnatic, as they had to rebuild their entire roster. ALEX and mezii will make their debut at the ESL Pro League.

Ptr retires from CS:GO

Bad news Bear AWPer ptr announced his retirement only weeks before one of the biggest events of the year for the team, EPL. Ptr will pursue a career in poker going forward.

Nordavind drop roster

Norwegian organization Nordavind transfer-listed their entire lineup. The team did stress that they will stay involved in CS:GO going forward, leading to several unsigned lineups being linked to them.

Stanislaw takes a break

Evil Geniuses' captain Stanislaw will be taking a temporary break from competing. The Canadian says that the extended periods in Europe have taken their toll on his mental and physical health. Coach daps will replace him.