The Stinger is officially unusable and the stats reflect that

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The Stinger has had a rollercoaster ride in the Valorant meta since the game's release. 

Back in the day, the Stinger was the ultimate save round hero. Its close-range ability combined with the mid-range burst fire made it the perfect gun to use when you needed to save some credits.

Eventually, Riot made the appropriate move to nerf the Stinger, bringing it more in line with the price of the weapon. This gave birth to a higher pick rate for the Spectre, Judge, and even the Ares.

Although most player had already moved on from the Stinger, Riot decided to make another nerf in the most recent patch. Now, the Stinger sits at an abysmal 0.29% pick rate.

It's unusable.

Obviously, the Stinger won't be chosen in most rounds. at 0.29%, though, it's clear that players will prefer almost any other weapon over the Stinger.

The methodology behind the most recent nerf was to prevent an exploit. By adding a burst fire delay to the ADS, player could no longer bind "aim" and "shoot" to the same button, abusing the game's mechanics.

Most players weren't doing this, though, as it hamstrung them when using other weapons. Now, the handful of remaining Stinger users are at a significant disadvantage against almost every gun in the game.

The Stinger, in its current state, is a pointless weapon. 

Do I care? Not really. I don't care if I ever use it again. It's just a fact.